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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Installation of Your New Blog Header

Instruction Written by MissT

1. Click on the picture and save it to your computer.
2.Go into Customize. And in the little gray box that has your header name, on the bottom right you will see the word Edit. Click on that. It should pull up a smaller screen and BEFORE UPLOADING THE PHOTO, click on "Behind title and description" and "Shrink to fit". If you don't shrink to fit, it will be HUGE.
3.Then upload photo from computer and click save.

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stacyscreations said...

hihun stacy here thank you for your free layouts and installation help i am having some problems and dont know what to do here is my blog link any help would be great thanks http://stacysdolls.blogspot.com/ i got the header there but dont know how to add the layout